Public Art Competition Launched for 1000 La Trobe


Poly Australia, together with public art studio Creative Road as consultants and curators, are excited to announce the selection of three artists to design concepts for a public art inclusion at the property developers Victorian flagship commercial development, 1000 La Trobe.

Industry acclaimed artists Chris Fox, Wolfgang Buttress and Stuart Green have been invited to provide their creative thought and present their unique artistic design which has opportunity to encompass the foyer and courtyard of the commercial space.

The proposed artwork will be integral to the ethos of 1000 La Trobe with the possibility to extend it across the ground floor.

Artists have been given a flexible brief, with the opportunity to include floor, wall and structural designs as part of their proposals. The freedom will allow the artists to ideate concepts that will significantly integrate to the design of the building.

As Melbourne’s commercial offering evolves, Poly Australia is placing a key focus on providing spaces with artistic insertions that provoke thought, feeling and discussion. The move intends to contribute to tenant workplace satisfaction at both a conscious and subliminal level, fostering a thriving workplace community.

Poly Victoria Design Manager Howard Mok said the artists selected are diverse and are renowned for their eloquent approach, which the developer is thrilled to be bringing to the Docklands precinct.

“Public art is one of the remedies that create communities; it prompts the public to engage, interact and inspire. It helps cultivate a community through civic dialogue and from the artists selected we are confident the final design will fundamentally attribute to the surrounding space where it will be appreciated by the immediate locals and contribution to the cultural fabric of Docklands,” he said.

Chris Fox is a Sydney based artist, with a portfolio of work which distinctively intertwines art and architecture, uplifting spaces through installation, objects and drawings. His sculptural works are bold and individualistic in their design, imitating, distorting and disrupting their environment.

Wolfgang Buttress is an award winning British artist who draws inspiration from the natural wonders of the world, including its materials, shape and form. He attributes his creative designs as a nod to the history and spaces they reside in. Buttress’ designs place a particular emphasis on natural materials to ensure his work remains holistic and sustainable throughout time.

Stuart Green is a local Australian artist with works exhibited in his home town of Perth as well as in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra and internationally in Abu Dhabi. His expressively abstract work uniquely incorporates pattern, rhythm and sculptural mass, and are references to natural distributions, forms and energies throughout our world and universe.

Creative Road Director Rebecca Townsend said the intention is to add a distinctive artistic dimension to the development and contribute to the cultural experience of the broader Digital Harbour precinct.

“The artwork will make an elegant statement with connected elements potentially weaving vertically, horizontally and diagonally across the site. The use of natural materials referencing the industrial and rail heritage of the site has been encouraged, including copper, wood and brass suggesting warmth and an organic character,” she said.

A panel will evaluate each artist concept and the one that aligns best with Poly Australia’s ethos and the style of 1000 La Trobe will be selected for the opportunity later this year.

Chris Fox Interloop Wynyard Station
Chris Fox Interloop Wynyard Station

Chris Fox Radio Wave
Chris Fox Radio Wave

Stuart Green AFC
Stuart Green AFC

Stuart Green BULB
Stuart Green BULB

Wolfgang Buttress The Hive at Kew Gardens
Wolfgang Buttress The Hive at Kew Gardens

Wolfgang Butress RISE
Wolfgang Buttress RISE


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