1000 La Trobe Artwork to Lead Melbourne Public Art Walk


Poly Global has recently finalised the 1000 La Trobe Docklands public art design with curators Creative Road and internationally acclaimed Australian artist Stuart Green.

Positioned at the beginning of Development Victoria’s Public Art Walk the artworks are predestined to become a pillar within Melbourne’s diverse arts and culture offering.

In tribute to the rich history of 1000 La Trobe’s location both pieces are an inspired compilation emulating the thriving industrial and transportation hub that operated in its place.

Poly Global Head of Design Ryan Cox said the company worked collaboratively with the curators and artist to ensure the design attributed a key part of Australian history.

“The narrative of 1000 La Trobe is encapsulated in varying elements throughout the development in some notable form. The façade, lobby design and now the public artwork will all honour Melbourne’s once most vital connection between cities and the sea, couriering all necessary resources and goods for the community and greater population,” he said.

The first instalment of the artwork will greet the public upon entry to 1000 La Trobe whilst the second will be powerfully positioned in the northern courtyard with key visibility from Digital Drive and La Trobe Street.

Public artist Stuart Green said the opportunity to produce two unique designs enabled him to explore multifarious ways to infuse the industrial and transportation heritage into the final art concept.

“The site was formerly cut through with branching rail lines linking the docks to the rest of the State. The parallel character of these travel (rail) lines cutting through space are referenced in the sculpture to create a tall looping path of overlapping form and segmented colour.

The resulting sculpture (in the northern courtyard) is massive but silent, with sweeping curves having a body-like muscular quality. The viewer is taken on their own journey as the eye follows the form through its swoop and tangle with the enveloping space.

Whilst referencing a history, the work is not in any way illustrative but rather, evocative of half remembered forms seen in new and intriguing combinations,” said Mr Green.

Public art studio Creative Road Director Rebecca Townsend said the design is an invigorating salute to a once thriving industrial hub.

“The starting point for Green’s artwork, entitled Junction, was the idea of curving lines, coloured metal, arrayed and stacked weight, to form an object of material substance – intriguing in its mute industrial presence.  Its colours are a nod towards the high key colour of industry along with the faded hues and duller greys of equipment left in working environments,” she said.

The A-Grade commercial development is on schedule for delivery in Q4 2021.

1000 La Trobe Stuart Public Art

1000 La Trobe Stuart Public Art

1000 La Trobe Stuart Public Art

1000 La Trobe Stuart Public Art

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